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General end-user queries should be sent to This is meant for users that might have questions or problems regarding application usage of Autochartist. Some examples of these queries include:

How do I install the Autochartist Expert Advisor on MT5?
How does the risk calculator work?
What is the difference between a breakout and an approaching pattern?
What time of day can I expect EURUSD to be most volatile?

Normal response time for queries sent to this support desk is 24 hours during weekdays. Automatic support tickets are generated so that the query can be tracked.

Please supply the information below when logging a query. Alternatively, please attach a screenshot of the problem. This information is helpful to getting the issue resolved quickly and efficiently:

What system / product is being used?
What is the error message?
If the issue is user specific, what is the username/email address?
What browser / operating system is being used?

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