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Sales Conversation component for Salesforce – Installation & Post Installation



You will be provided with a link for installing the Autochartist Sales Conversation App. Please open it and install it for your organization(we suggest that you test it on your Salesforce sandbox instance before installing it on your production server). 

Install App

Once you open the link provided by Autochartist, please select the option to install the App for all Users and also confirm that you understand that this app is not approved by Salesforce.

On the next step please confirm that you are aware that the app will add and to trusted apps. This is required in order for the app to fetch dynamic content pieces from our servers.

Wait for a few moments, and once the app is installed you will get a confirmation.

Post Installation Instructions

Allow application to change metadata

Go to Setup->Apex->Apex->Apex Settings

And ensure that option “Deploy Metadata from Non-Certified Package Versions via Apex” is checked and click Save.

Allow email sending from Apex

This is needed to send emails from the app.
Go to Setup->Email->Deliverability and set Access Level to “All email”:

Custom Metadata settings

Go to Apps and select Autochartist Sales Conversations Setup or click on App Launcher and then on “Autochartist Sales Conversations Setup”


On Autochartist Sales Conversations Setup page, please enter or details provided by Autochartist:

Add Autochartist Sales Conversations App to Contact and Lead Record page layouts

Autochartist Sales Conversations can be added to Leads and Contacts layouts, depending on your business need.
We will explain how to add for Leads, instructions are exactly the same for Contacts(you just need to select Contact object and Contact layouts).

Go to Setup->Object Manager->Lead->Page Layouts->Lead Layout (please select layout(s) where you want to add Autochartist Sales Conversation app).
Click on Visualforce Pages objects. First we need to add section to Lead layout, and after that Visualforce page named “SalesConversationLeadView”:

Drag and drop Section to Lead layout where you want to show Sales Conversation App, select section to be one column and name it “Autochartist Sales Conversations” (You do not need to use this name, but for clarity and references in future, we suggest to use that name):

This is how it needs to look after adding it:

After section is added we need to drag and drop SalesConversationLeadView to section we just created:

Final step is to edit this view you just added and set height to 750 px(this is important step to show element properly):

Please repeat the same steps for Contact layout.

Now if you go to the Lead record, you should see be able to see iframe with app:




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