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Sales Conversation component for Salesforce – Uninstall Instructions


Please note that if you uninstall the Autochartist Sales Conversation App all your stored information will also be deleted, and you will need to set up the application again.

Please follow next step to uninstall application:

Delete Custom Metadata

Go to Setup->Custom Metadata Types

Click on Manage records link next to Sales Conversation Settings

On next page click on “Del” button next to SalesConversation label

Remove Sales Conversation field (page) from Lead and Contact Record Pages

Go to Setup->Object Manager->Contact->Page Layouts and click on Page layout where Autochartist Sales Conversation View is added(please note that you might added this view to multiple layouts – you will need to remove it manually from all Contact layouts where you added it)

Click on page layout where Autochartist Sales Conversation View is added

Click on button to remove “Autochartist Sales Conversation” section

Remove the same steps for Lead too.

Note: If you didn’t add Autochartist Sales  Conversation View to layouts, you will not need to remove them.


Uninstalling package

Go to: Setup->Packaging->Installed Packages

Click on “Uninstall” next to “Autochartist Sales Conversations” package:

Scroll to bottom of next page, select checkbox “Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components” and click on Uninstall button:

Uninstall issues

In case if you didn’t follow uninstall instructions in previous steps, after you click on Uninstall button, you might get errors like this:

These messages are pretty clear and you will need to go back and either to delete Custom Metadata type or remove Sales Conversation View from Contact or Lead Layouts

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