Topics: Education For Traders

Educational Material for your traders

Risk Calculator for MT4/5

How to manage risk using our Risk Calculator for MT4/5 [vc_video link="

Installing the MT4/5 market scanner

How to install and configure the mt4/5 market scanner [vc_video link="

World’s first Market Scanner for MT4/5

A quick overview of Autochartist's MT4/5 market scanner [vc_video link="

Introduction to Fibonacci Patterns

A quick overview of Autochartist's Fibonacci pattern identification [vc_video link="https://vimeo...

Volatility Analysis

Using past volatility to project future volatility [vc_video link="" a...

Our Favorites

How we filter our trading setups to create the list of Our Favorite trading opportunities [vc_vid...

Performance Statistics

Performance Statistics explained - how to understand and use our stats [vc_video link="https://vi...

An Introduction to Volatility Analysis

When preparing for his day trading activities a trader often has little or no idea as to the tradi...

Identifying Large Movements

An introduction to the "Big Movements" analysis type [vc_video link=""...

Consecutive Bull/Bear Candles

An introduction to the "Consecutive Candles" analysis type [vc_video link="